maandag 1 maart 2010

Went away for the weekend...

So, we went away for the weekend, great hotel, most beautiful room.
It was a great weekend, although the weather wasn't really.
But it didn't bother us much though.

As a nailpolishfreak, going away for the weekend doesn't mean not buying any polish.
Although I do believe I went a little overboard.
Just a little.
Liiiittle tiny bit.

(Clicking on the image makes it larger)

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Thess zei

You can never ever never ever go overboard with polish...
Whehehehe... =P

Great HAUL! (that is the word for lots of goodies.. ;)

Michèle zei

Oh my!! :-D Had je een extra lege koffer meegenomen? Whihi, mooie nieuwe aanwinsten heb je! :-)

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