maandag 29 maart 2010

Teenie Weenie Pretty Martini

Oooh, Can I marry a bottle of nailpolish?

I got this one saturday from someone I know through the internet, and wow! Really, I didn't expect this one to be this pretty!

Okay, my new love is called ORLY Chocolate Martini.
First some pics.

Oooh, ain't this one pretty?
Really, I love it.

But... why the whut is it only available in mini bottles?!
I want a big bottle. A huuuuge bottle.

This is a polish from the ORLY Manicure Miniatures Collection, 24 new colours, only available in mini size.
Please ORLY, please get this one a large bottle?

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Michelle zei

Purrrr that's pretty!

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