zondag 28 november 2010

My favorite handcream

This is a tip for all you ladies out there who just hate those fatty, oily hands after using handcream.

I always have dry hands, but when winter comes, they're really dry and need a lot of care and attention.
I have been searching a good handcream for years, and my search is finally over.

The cream i'm talking about is Essence 24h hand moisture balm, with yoghurt and green tea.

The thing I love about this one, is the fact that it leaves no oily film or any residue after rubbing it on your hands.
It's a light cream, with a nice fresh scent.
But the fact it just disappears after massaging it in your hands for a little while, is really wonderful.

I am not exaggerating, you really have to give it a try.
I bought mine in Germany, for only 95 cents!

Have you already tried this one? What do you think about this handcream?