woensdag 26 mei 2010

My first Zoya and Nubar haul

Hi ladies!

A little while ago, I got some money from my boyfriend to buy some nailpolish for myself.
Oh my god, don't you just love those boyfriends? :D
I certainly do!

So, I went to check out Ebay, and here's what I got:

These are the Nubars I bought. As you can see, 2 Nubar Diamont. My source for Seche Vite dried out (goodbye Transdesign ;( ) so I thought this would be a great moment to get some Diamont to try.
The other Nubars are Petunia Sparkle, Gold Leaf, Iris Dust and Moon Shadow.
I really wanted Peacock feathers, but that one wasn't in stock.
Bummer, now I'll have to order some again soon, hehe.

Here are the Zoya polishes;

Zoya Reece, Zoya Adina, Zoya Nidhi, Zoya Yasmeen and Zoya Mimi.

I'm really glad with these polishes (and my boyfriend!) and can't wait to try them all!

So, check again later for some swatches.

Bye for now!

donderdag 20 mei 2010

And the winner is....

All you lovely polishlovers, thanks for entering my giveaway and all the lovely comments!

I have entered all the names in the hat generator, and picked one completely random winner.

So, here goes.....

The winner is...:



I have sent you an email, please contact me within 72 hours, if you don't I will pick a new winner.

Enjoy your two new polishes!

As for al you polish-lovers who did not win, I'm sorry, but more giveaways will of course come in time.

I hope you all enjoy following my blog, and keep doing so!

Lots of love!

dinsdag 4 mei 2010

Essence Let's Go Girls!

Essence has some new products, especially for the upcoming soccer world championships in South Africa.
Among these products, there are (self-adhesive) nailstickers and bodytattoos.

The stickers and tattoos come in the colours of your country, in my case, of course, The Netherlands.
And those are fun!

The nailstickers are really easy to use.
Just pick the design you want, take it off the sheet, and place it on your nail.
Press down gently, and seal in with some topcoat.

First up, some pics of the nailstickers.
The lacquer I used is Essence Glamorous, a nice deep red with a subtle shimmer.

Looks fun, right?
In my opinion; an easy way to decorate your nails to support your country when they have to play soccer.

If you want to decorate your body even more, you can use the bodytattoos.
Also quite easy to use.

Just pick the design you want, and cut it out.
Peel off the protective film, and place it, design down, on your skin.
Wet the tattoo with water, and leave it for about 30 seconds.
Remove the paper, and let your 'tattoo' dry.
Easy does it.

Quite fun result, right?
A quick way to decorate your nails and the rest of your body, so no messing around with those stripers and dotters just before the game starts!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to cheer!

zaterdag 1 mei 2010

My Queensday nails

Yesterday was a big day here, Queensday.
Party's everywhere, everyone dressed up in orange clothes, funny hats, wigs, and so on.
So, nails should be decorated too, right?!

This was my mani:
(Hmm, sorry for the somewhat crappy look in this pics, somehow Blogger makes them look weirdly)

The orange polish is Juicy Orange from Essence, one from the Show Your Feet polishes.
This polish claims coverage in one layer, but it just doesn't.
I really don't like this one, it's more a jelly-based polish.
Three coats still didn't cover nicely.

Maybe this one is from a bad batch, or they just failed at this particular polish, I don't know, but I won't be using it again.

All the other Show Your Feet polishes do cover great, by the way.

Thanks for stopping by!