zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Comparison: L.A. Girl Rockstar and Claire's glitter

The other day my sis and I were going through my polish-stash, and she noticed these two polishes looking quite the same.
They do look quite the same, so, comparison time!

The polishes are L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose, and a glitter polish from Claire's, sadly no name on the bottle.
In the bottle they look quite alike:Click on the pics for larger images.

After the first layer it's immediately clear the Claire's is not nearly as glittery as the L.A Girl.
This is one layer of each.
On my index finger L.A Girl Overdose, middlefinger Claire's, ringfinger L.A. Girl Overdose, pinky Claire's.

This is 3 layers. Claire's can not compete with the L.A. Girl as glitteriness goes.

Last up I put on 2 extra layers of the Claire's polish. It got a little more dense and started to look a bit more like the L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose. (yeah, sorry, pics are pre-clean up)
So, Claire's glitter polish is quite similar to L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose, except it is way less glittery, and that's quite a shame. As colour and look goes, the two are quite similar.

Hope this was fun to read and maybe helpful. Bye for now.

Great giveaway including Konad goodies!

We are fish and we drown is having a great giveaway, you can win Konad goodies!
check it out:

Konad Stamp and Scraper
Konad plates m41 and m80
Konad Special polish in Pastel Violet
Sally Hansen Emerald City
Sally Hansen Gunmetal
(all items are new!!)

So, hurry up, leave a comment, and who knows..!

woensdag 24 februari 2010

NOTD: Diamond Cosmetics Sparkling Sherry

For today's (well, actually yesterday's , I'm away for the weekend in a lovely hotel.. ) mani I chose Diamond Cosmetics Sparkling Sherry, a wonderful colour!
So pretty, I love it.
Hard to get a nice pic of it though.
A subtle Konad over it, I used plate m71.

The shimmer in this polish is really pretty, I can't stop staring at my nails.

Do see I should practice my clean-up more, ghihi...

Thanks for stopping by!

P2 swatches part 1

The other day I posted my recently received P2's, and added the promise to make swatches.
Here's part 1 of the swatches. It's quite too much to do all at once, so enjoy these, part 2 won't be long ;-)

It's such a shame there are not much swatches to find of these polishes, they are really great. Nice colours, good coverage, and for excellent prices.

All polishes are 2 layers. Enough for almost all, coverage is great.
Want to see bigger pics? Just click on them.

First up; P2 Stylish.
A rich, vibrant, deep dark pink. Notice the subtle blue shimmer?
I really love this colour. It's warm, deep and has some metallic shine in it. It's truly stylish.

P2 Heartbeat.
Just a nice pink polish. Might I add this is 2 layers?
Coverage is great.

P2 Joyful.
This polish kinda surprised me. Two coats was enough, just great. This polish has 'summer' written all over it!

P2 Soulful.
Nice brown colour with just a little hint of red, perfect for all occassions I guess. Covers great. I especcially like the tiny bit of redness, makes it really fashionable if you ask me.

P2 Rich.
This one is kinda hard to discribe. It's a rich, dark, purple colour with a hint of brown (if you ask me), and subtle blue, purple and red glitters.
Really nice.

Last up is P2 Diva.
A nice deep wine red polish with a hint of brown.
Needs three coats though, two coats is too sheer. On the pic I had two coats.

So, that's it for now, I will post swatches of my other P2 polishes later.
Hope you enjoyed this!

maandag 22 februari 2010

P2 haul!


The sweetest guy (whom I met saturday for the very first time by the way!) got me all these P2's!
He lives close to germany, P2 is easy to find there, so I gave him a list of the items I wanted, and he got all of them!
Watch and enjoy!

Here are the names and colour numbers in the right order:

240 Joyful, 014 Heartbeat, 013 Stylish, 140 Diva, 248 Rich, 146 Soulful.
017 Elegant, 209 Spacy, 171 Gorgeous!, 200 Rebel and very last: 249 Dangerous.
Great catch, right?
I guess I'll have a lot of swatching to do this week!

So, check in later for swatches of these beauties.

zondag 21 februari 2010

Konad time!

As promised, some better pics of my last Konad, Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You? with China Glaze Millennium over it.
Not bad for my third Konad try, right?I'm quite proud of it.

My little sister came by today, she really liked my Konad and wanted to try for herself.
After going through my stash, she picked China Glaze Strawberry Fields, and I made a nice Konad design.
She likes it a lot, and is eager to order her own Konad stuff, haha.
Notice the beautiful shimmer?

So, that's it for now, hope you like all the nails!

zaterdag 20 februari 2010

Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You?

Put on Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You? today, a pretty, warm burgundy with tiny bits of gold. A rich, deep colour.
Then some Konad to top it off!
I stamped with China Glaze Millennium, using plate M64
Will try to get a better pic tomorrow.

So, that's it for my very first blog post!