zondag 21 februari 2010

Konad time!

As promised, some better pics of my last Konad, Diamond Cosmetics Hue Are You? with China Glaze Millennium over it.
Not bad for my third Konad try, right?I'm quite proud of it.

My little sister came by today, she really liked my Konad and wanted to try for herself.
After going through my stash, she picked China Glaze Strawberry Fields, and I made a nice Konad design.
She likes it a lot, and is eager to order her own Konad stuff, haha.
Notice the beautiful shimmer?

So, that's it for now, hope you like all the nails!

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Thess zei

Mooi! =O
Allebei! =P

sandra zei

Dankje zuss!! Love you! :D


Michelle zei

Heel mooi! Netjes hoor. :)

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