maandag 22 februari 2010

P2 haul!


The sweetest guy (whom I met saturday for the very first time by the way!) got me all these P2's!
He lives close to germany, P2 is easy to find there, so I gave him a list of the items I wanted, and he got all of them!
Watch and enjoy!

Here are the names and colour numbers in the right order:

240 Joyful, 014 Heartbeat, 013 Stylish, 140 Diva, 248 Rich, 146 Soulful.
017 Elegant, 209 Spacy, 171 Gorgeous!, 200 Rebel and very last: 249 Dangerous.
Great catch, right?
I guess I'll have a lot of swatching to do this week!

So, check in later for swatches of these beauties.

7 reacties:

Michelle zei

Wow Mirjam, what a catch! <3 You're starting to make me jealous.. ;)

Nicole zei

What a nice deal! Totally jealous here too. Have fun!

Michèle zei

Where can I find a guy like that?! ;-)

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) zei

Nice! Great catch and very sweet of him!

Anoniem zei

Mooi, die P2, zulke vrienden moet je zuinig op zijn!

ik heb je getagged voor cute blog op mijn eigen blog :)
Buzzwheedle's Nails

Anoniem zei

New blog discovery! *yay*
A lot of these are on their way to my mail box. Looking forward for them and really curious about this brand. :)

marox79 zei

I'll be going to Germany in early March and I hope to still be able to grab some of what's on my evergrowing wish/buylist: Catrice, P2, etc. Most of the P2 will be discontinued, so consider yourself lucky to have those beauties in your stash.

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