zaterdag 27 februari 2010

Comparison: L.A. Girl Rockstar and Claire's glitter

The other day my sis and I were going through my polish-stash, and she noticed these two polishes looking quite the same.
They do look quite the same, so, comparison time!

The polishes are L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose, and a glitter polish from Claire's, sadly no name on the bottle.
In the bottle they look quite alike:Click on the pics for larger images.

After the first layer it's immediately clear the Claire's is not nearly as glittery as the L.A Girl.
This is one layer of each.
On my index finger L.A Girl Overdose, middlefinger Claire's, ringfinger L.A. Girl Overdose, pinky Claire's.

This is 3 layers. Claire's can not compete with the L.A. Girl as glitteriness goes.

Last up I put on 2 extra layers of the Claire's polish. It got a little more dense and started to look a bit more like the L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose. (yeah, sorry, pics are pre-clean up)
So, Claire's glitter polish is quite similar to L.A. Girl Rockstar Overdose, except it is way less glittery, and that's quite a shame. As colour and look goes, the two are quite similar.

Hope this was fun to read and maybe helpful. Bye for now.

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Michelle zei

Nice comparison! They definitly look alike though Overdose is much more dense, didn't know that. :)

Colour Victim zei

They really look alike, the Claire's polish just needs way more glitters, haha

Lauren zei

I am so glad I bought Overdose from LA Girl :) such a awesome glitter polish!

Michèle zei

Nice comparison! I think Models Own - Disco Mix is pretty close too, and reaaally dense :-)

Loving glitters like these.

Thess zei

Zeer behulpzaam!
Ook een mooie glitter: Barry M - Silver cascade!


Kelly zei

overdose is zo tof!

ik heb je getagged!

Romika zei

Leuke vergelijking! Inderdaad op het eerste gezicht lijken ze veel op elkaar maar de Overdose geniet mijn voorkeur.

Lily nail zei

i looove these glitters !!!

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