woensdag 24 februari 2010

P2 swatches part 1

The other day I posted my recently received P2's, and added the promise to make swatches.
Here's part 1 of the swatches. It's quite too much to do all at once, so enjoy these, part 2 won't be long ;-)

It's such a shame there are not much swatches to find of these polishes, they are really great. Nice colours, good coverage, and for excellent prices.

All polishes are 2 layers. Enough for almost all, coverage is great.
Want to see bigger pics? Just click on them.

First up; P2 Stylish.
A rich, vibrant, deep dark pink. Notice the subtle blue shimmer?
I really love this colour. It's warm, deep and has some metallic shine in it. It's truly stylish.

P2 Heartbeat.
Just a nice pink polish. Might I add this is 2 layers?
Coverage is great.

P2 Joyful.
This polish kinda surprised me. Two coats was enough, just great. This polish has 'summer' written all over it!

P2 Soulful.
Nice brown colour with just a little hint of red, perfect for all occassions I guess. Covers great. I especcially like the tiny bit of redness, makes it really fashionable if you ask me.

P2 Rich.
This one is kinda hard to discribe. It's a rich, dark, purple colour with a hint of brown (if you ask me), and subtle blue, purple and red glitters.
Really nice.

Last up is P2 Diva.
A nice deep wine red polish with a hint of brown.
Needs three coats though, two coats is too sheer. On the pic I had two coats.

So, that's it for now, I will post swatches of my other P2 polishes later.
Hope you enjoyed this!

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chocaddict zei

I can't believe I missed Joyful at the store *slaps forehead*! I'll have to remember to get it next time I go there...in two months hahaha, I'm gonna start my shopping list right now :)

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