dinsdag 2 maart 2010

P2 swatches part 2

As promised in the first part of my P2 swatches, here the second part!
Clicking on the images makes them larger.

All the colours are two layers.

P2 Elegant.
Oh my. A real surprise this one. At first it seems to be just another grey polish, just fun to put some Konad over it. But there's a truly gorgeous pink shimmer in it which makes this polish really special. I love this one.

P2 Spacy.
A dark gray polish with a metallic shine.

P2 Gorgeous!
A purplish polish, with a silver foily finish, and a nice shimmer.
Needs three coats though.

P2 Rebel.
Oh my. A lovely duochrome polish. Rich, deep-blue turns into a nice violet colour. Great.

Last up: P2 Dangerous.
A smooth teal. Nothing special, just a nice greenish polish.

So, that's it for my P2 swatches.
Hope you enjoyed reading and watching, and who knows, maybe this helped you to make a choice which one you like best!

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Thess zei

It is so nice to see your nails looking soooo good! <3

And Dangerous is anything but nothing special.. >:{


Michelle zei

Leuke swatches! Ik wil Elegant echt heeeel graag.

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