zaterdag 20 maart 2010

The Glitter Nightmare. A little clean up tip.

Aaaargh, we've all been there, right?
Glitters are soooo lovely on our nails.
But the cleanup... Horror!

It's quite easy to get those pesky glitters off, it just needs a little trick. You will need a pair of scissors, cotton pads, and, of course, nailpolish remover.
Oh, don't forget to get some tinfoil.

Take 5 cottonpads, and cut them all in half, like this.

Put some nailpolish remover on half a cotton pad, and gently place it on your nail.
Then, take a piece of tin foil, and wrap it around it, so it's firmly on your nail.
You'll end up with 5 of these on each hand:

Looks kinda stupid, but hey, it's worth it!
Leave those on for a good 2 minutes.
Peel off the tin foil. Now you can wipe off all the glitters just like that, no hard work anywhere.

Great, right?

Hope you found this little tip useful.
Bye for now!

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