zondag 7 maart 2010

A girl can never have enough nailpolish...

A girl can never have enough nailpolish, right?
I mean, you always see just that one 'must have' colour, and new ones keep on coming!

So, because I was wondering how much polish I really collected over the last few months, I made pics of my whole stash.

Don't you just love going through the stashes of others?I certainly do!
A lot of pics, but not much text from here, so just scroll down and enjoy the colours.
Clicking on the pics gives you larger ones.

First up: all the reds.
Pink and orange.

Purple galore!
Nothing wrong with some brown, right?
Blue's and greens.
Yellow and gold.
White, silver and grey.
Just black.
Miscellaneous, glitters.


Duochrome polishes.
These are my stamping polishes.
All my nailart stripers.
Last up; all my nail art stuff.
So, that's it for my pic-spam.

Not too hard to guess what my favourite colours are, right?

Want to know more about a polish, or want to see some swatches?
Feel free to ask!

Hope you enjoyed this (little) peek in my nailpolish collection!

6 reacties:

Thess zei

Zo! Hallo!
Das een beste stash! =O

Als je in de buurt bent: Meenemen! :+

Beauty Vibes zei

Wat een mooie collectie heb je daar!

Colour Victim zei

Dat wordt wel heel erg slepen Thess! :-o

En thanks, Beauty Vibes :-)

susies1955 zei

Awesome. :)

Latoya (mypassion4beauty) zei

Wowwwwww! Wat een geweldige stash!

Lissi zei

I LOVE your collection!

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