donderdag 15 april 2010

My first swap!

It all started with this post from the lovely Lissi on Nail Addicts Anonimous; a rant about H&M's Bella's Choice.
Not sold in the United States, I understand that's a bugger, blegh.

We have an H&M selling nailpolish in about 30 minutes from where I live, so it wasn't a problem for me to get her a bottle of this beloved polish.
As we started mailing, Lissi and I decided to make a full swap, as I had a rant of myself; the Claire's mood polishes.
I saw posts of those great polishes everywhere, but they're not sold here anywhere. Blegh!

So, the swapping commenced.
(As always, clicking on the pics gives you bigger versions)

I got my package yesterday, yay!

So exciting, what I would find in there..

Nailpolish! Yay!
And there they are... the Claire's mood polishes I've been wanting for quite a while *cheers*

But wait, that's not all! Five Sinful Colors polishes, hooray!As far as I know, we don't have Sinful Colors here, so I'm really happy with those!

And here are all the beauties together:
In the right order, these are Claire's mood polish Fabulous/Funky, Claire's mood polish Calm/Wild, Claire's mood polish Earthy/Happy, Sinful Colors Purple Diamond, Sinful Colors Mercury Rising, Sinful Colors Sugar Sugar, Sinful Colors I Miss You, and Sinful Colours Nail Junkie.

Really, this was só much fun to do!
How great is it to receive polishes you just don't know, and to make someone else happy with some of your local polishes?
I like it!

Of course you'll get to see swatches of these polishes somewhere in the near future.

Lissi, it was só much fun to swap with you, thanks for all the lovely polishes!

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Lissi zei

You are very welcome! I'm so glad you like them! I can't wait for my box to get here and see all those lovely polishes!

Tiana zei

OOOow moodies moodies! Can't wait for swatches! :D Sinfuls look pretty too<3

Jackie S. zei

Nail Junkie by Sinful, is the pretty over dark colors, you are gonna love it!

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