dinsdag 6 april 2010

Catrice Don't Feed the Birds

This is a polish from Catrice's new polish collection, a nice bright yellow with a lovely shimmer in it.
Has 'summer'written all over it.
And I just love the name!
Wouldn't you just love to walk into a store, and ask, 'Hi, Can I have Don't Feed the Birds?' Sounds great, hehe.
Put a whole lot of Konad butterflies on it, just because I felt like doing so.

Oh, I know the acrylic on my nails looks a bit on the sloppy side, I filled it up myself for the very first time, without any lessons or something... :o

This is 3 layers of polish by the way.
The second picture is more colour accurate than the first I see.
A close-up to show off the great shimmer in this one:

For the butterflies I used Konad plate M78, and the following polishes:
Essence Show Your Feet Caribbean Sea
Essence Show Your Feet Hot Red
Essence Show Your Feet Deep Blue Sea
Catrice Lucky in Lilac

Thanks for stopping by!

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Nea/ Fashioned in Finland zei

Perfect for summer :D Lovely & colorful, I like it!

Kirsten (The Dutch Nail Blog) zei

Heel mooi!

Polish&Konad zei

Love this...its so colorful!

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