donderdag 19 augustus 2010

A little word for those of you with acrylic nails.

Hello Ladies!

I'm sure you all know the pros and cons of having acrylic nails, right?
Unfortunately, my nails are very thin and brittle, so I just love my acrylic nails. Without it, my nails just keep on taring and splitting, and they can never grow long.

But, something you really need to keep an eye out for, is mould.

When the acrylic is not sealed airtight, you might end up with mould on your nail.
It is highly contagious too, so you just don't want to have that going on under your pretty polished nails.

Well, why am I writing this?

Today I was filling up my nails, when I spotted a green spot on my thumb.
Mould... under the acrylic layer.
Never noticed the layer wasn't airtight, so water managed to make it's way in, and go all nice and mouldy, ugh.
I filed the spot away really gently, and then applied a new layer of acrylic. Remember, when you are done filing, throw away your file! Really, it's highly contagious, and you will infect your other nails.
So, now it's just hoping it won't spread or multiply.

So, keep an eye out for air under the acrylic layer, you really don't want any mould under those pretty little piggies!

Of course, some pictures to entertain you, and to show what it looks like (I noticed there are not many pics of this to find, hehe)
(Don't be scared, I was halfway removing the acrylic layer, that's why my nail looks weird)

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Jackie S. zei

I don't wear acrylics, but I am very impressed and pleased that you were brave enough to post the pics.
Hopefully no one has to deal with mold, but if so they can look to your post for guidance.
Well done!

Negle Lir zei

I know this nlog post is old. But Im wondering, how did it go? Im gessing it didnt turn out well, cause you cant just file a disease off!!

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