zaterdag 24 juli 2010

My second international swap, and comeback.

Well, hi there!

I know, I haven't been blogging for a while.
I have been really busy with physical rehabilitation (that's how you call it, right?).
It's really heavy, but I'm half way there, and I do see some inprovements in my physical health, so it's all worth it :-)

I haven't stopped polishing my nails and buying nailpolish, although I have polished my nails a lot less :-o But hey, sometimes your priorities just shift, we all have been there once or twice, right?

A while ago the lovely Tatjana from Tianasplace emailed me, to compliment me about my blog (always nice, yay!), and to suggest a swap.
As I love international swaps, we went to buy each other loads of polish, haha.

So, a week ago, this is what arrived by mail:

Looks sweet, right?
I already loved the box!

And a lot of nailpolishes were in there, yay!
So, here's what I found:

4 Bichun polishes, 1 Ingrid Cosmetics ice cube polish (don't you just love that bottle?) 2 Art Deco polishes (I really love those!!) and 1 Deborah Shinetech polish.

7 bottles of S-he polish, especially the first one is really pretty.

1 Manhattan polish, 4 sweet little Butterfly Collection Jungle polishes, and 2 Joy polishes.

And here's the whole lot together.

I must say, this swap was so much fun to do, it's always so nice to receive packages with all kinds of nailpolish you are not familiar with.

So, I guess I have a lot of swatching to do :-D

Bye bye for now, I'll see you all again soon ;-)

4 reacties:

Shiny! zei

Hey wb :) Nice to see you around again.
Lovely swap, especially those Art Deco polishes look awesome!

Jackie S. zei

WOW! Great swap!

Tiana zei

Thanks for swapping with me! <3<3<3

Josh zei

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