vrijdag 22 oktober 2010

Preview: Catrice relaunch, can't get enough

Today I attended a little preview-party about the relaunch of a lot of Catrice's products.

Coming this november Catrice will fill the shelves with a lót of new products, with new formulas and ideas.

I must say, it looks really nice.

There will be 32 (!) all new eyeshadows, brushes, duo eyeshadows, new mascaras, lipglosses, powders, etcetera.
You name it, I guess they got it!

Little fun fact about the new lipglosses: they have two different kinds; the 'normal' sheer ones wich just give a little more flair en shimmer to your lips, but also new glosses wich really give a lot of colour!

It was quite a fun day.
First, there was a little presentation of all the products. After that, a lot of testing, and browsing through all those new products.

Here's a little overall-view from some of the new products.
Click on the picture to see a larger version.

Looks quite exciting, right?
I'm especially curious about this product:
Lash Plus Intensive Lash Growth Serum.
It's a serum you put on at night, wich activates the growth of your eyelashes.
Used in combination with the special mascara, it promises 25% longer lashes in one month.
I can't wait to try it out!

About the naillacquers, there will only be three new ones.
That's not much, right?
I hoped they would launch more lacquers, but sadly enough they didn't.
Maybe next time? I would sure love to see some more sparkly and shimmery nailpolishes from Catrice.

But, on to the new lacquers.
There are 3 new colours, and one matte topcoat;

I'm excited about the taupe one, it's named Absolutely Chinchilly.
The other one's are Run Forest Run! and Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans.

Overall I think Catrice did quite a good job on the new make-up collection.
I can't wait to try some of the samples we got.

What product are you excited about?

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